About us

Craig (Garden Delights co-owner)

Being a committed father, an avid cyclist and a tennis player, the outdoors clearly lies close to my heart!It has always been my passion to design breathtaking gardens of any scale. It is my sister Carol-Ann that has to bring my designs back to reality sometimes!

As a youngster I was fortunate enough to receive a bursary from the renowned Keith Kirsten to study landscape design at Cape Town Tech. Putting in the hard yards at one of Keith’s nurseries as the manager ultimately led to me starting my own landscaping business back in 1996.

I like to think that this solid technical background enables Garden Delights to conceive unique and creative designs for our customers while at the same time ensuring that we execute all our projects on time and within budget—inevitable delight!

Carol-Ann (Garden Delights co-owner)

I am a mother of two (possibly three if you include my husband!).Gardens have always been my passion and, to this day, there is still nothing more pleasant than walking around or working in any garden. Whether it is trying to select the right plant for a particular position, being on hands and knees weeding a bed or simply just chilling on the lawn, a garden has always been my favourite place.

Landscaping started off on a relatively small scale for me doing the odd job for friends here and there. It was inevitable that my brother Craig and I would team up to form what we think is a pretty formidable team.

I hope that our passion for nurseries, gardens and gardening will inspire you to look after yours (ideally with our help!).